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Albenza (Albendazole) User's Guide

Albenza (Albendazole) is an anti-worm medication, otherwise known as an anthelmintic. Albenza contains albendazole, a potent anti-worm agent that induces complete paralyzation of worms and their larvae, eventually killing them. Although albendazole may be used for quite a number of different conditions caused by parasites, it is mainly applied to treat several forms of tapeworm infections (pork tapeworm, dog tapeworm, and neurocysticercosis).

Other than that, Albenza adheres to the following concepts:

  • As an anthelmintic, Albenza should not be confused with an antibiotic, as it will not treat infections caused by bacteria (or viruses, for that matter).
  • Albenza may in some cases be prescribed along with several other medications, such as steroids and seizure drugs. Make sure to inquire as to what purpose each particular drug should have when you are getting your prescription.
  • Unlike other antiparasitic medications, Albenza has several specific restrictions related to its use. Be sure to view the safety information and precautions sections for more info.
  • This medication is often prescribed to be used in cycles. If you buy Albenza online, make sure you contact a professional physician in order to receive proper consult on how exactly you should use this drug in your particular case.

Standard Dosage Amounts for Albenza

The precise dosage amounts for this medication are calculated based on the particular condition being treated and the weight of the patient. Therefore, there are no general regulations available for Albenza, and you will need to contact your doctor to receive consult on dosage, even if you buy Albenza online. You may be prompted to follow one of the few dosage routines designed to target specific types of parasitic infection. Usually, you will need to take Albenza once or twice daily, for a period of several weeks. Sometimes, you will need to stop taking this drug for up to 2 weeks, and restart the cycle.

The examples on dosage for Albenza are provided below:

  • Hydatid Disease - adults who weigh over 60 kilos (~130 pounds) should take 400 mg twice daily for a period of 28 days, followed by two weeks without taking the drug. This cycle should be repeated 3 times. Adults who weigh less than 60 kilos (~130 pounds) should take 15 mg per kilogram per day (mg/kg/day) for the same period, divided into two doses, with 800mg total being the maximum daily intake.
  • Neurocysticercosis - adults of 60 kg or greater will need to take up to 400 mg Albenza two times a day for a period of up to 30 days (8 days minimum). Those under 60 kilos in weight should take 15 mg/kg/day, divided into two separate doses, with 800mg daily total being the maximum.

Albenza Instructions and Recommendations

Whether you buy Albenza online or purchase it locally, you may need to follow these guidelines in order to ensure that the treatment will progress without complications and be successful at the end:

  • This medication should be taken with food or after a meal to avoid upsetting your stomach. You can take Albenza at any time of the day, but try to take it at the same time on the following day as well.
  • It is important to keep taking Albenza even if you are no longer troubled by any of the symptoms before the full cycle of treatment is complete. While this drug may suppress the activity of parasites rather quickly, it will take longer to completely eradicate any worms and their eggs.
  • You may need to take a pregnancy test before taking Albenza to ensure that you are not put at an increased risk of adverse side effects during the treatment. Do not take Albenza if you are pregnant, and discuss its applicability with your doctor if you plan to become pregnant in the near future or are presently attempting to become pregnant.
  • Albenza is often prescribed to be used in recurring cycles of treatment, often spanning for extended periods of time. If you prefer to buy albendazole online, it may be wise to purchase sufficient quantities of this drug so that you do not have to look for it again to complete your current course of treatment.

Albenza Essential Safety Information

When using Albenza, it is essential that you follow the supplied safety information, and adhere to any precautions provided for this drug. Patients who choose to buy albendazole online should also seek any additional information regarding the use of this drug, and preferably consult a professional physician.

Some of the most important aspects of treatment with Albenza include:

  • Albenza may make you more susceptible to other forms of infection, increasing the risk of getting sick or having a previously minor condition escalade in severity. You may also develop blood clotting problems, causing any bleeding injuries to recover slower. In order to reduce the risk, it is recommended to avoid the presence of sick people during the treatemnt, and strictly follow the appropriate hygiene regulations.
  • You may need to perform frequent blood tests when taking Albenza, especially if your liver function is somehow impeded. It goes without saying that you may still need to do this even if you buy Albenza online.
  • Women will need to be more cautious at using Albenza, since this drug may cause major health complications if you are pregnant. You may need to use additional means of contraception, as well as prompt your partner to do so, in order to eliminate the probability of unwanted pregnancy both during the treatment and at least one month after it is complete.
  • This medication can cause serious liver problems, especially if you are already put at a risk of complications related to the function of liver. It is advised to try and reduce the strain on your liver as much as possible, such as abstaining from drinking alcohol during the treatment, and making certain adjustments to your diet, if necessary.
  • Grapefruits as well as grapefruit juice may slow down the absorption rate of this medication, making it necessary to avoid these products during the treatment.

Albenza Warnings and Precautions

Before you can safely take Albenza, you may need to perform several medical tests to ensure your health and wellbeing will not be put at risk during the treatment.

It is especially important to do so if you have any of the following:

  • Liver disease or disorder,
  • Biliary tract dysfunction,
  • Any blood-related disorders.

Albenza may interact with certain other medications, including:

  • Praziquantel,
  • Cimetidine,
  • Theophylline.