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Treating Infections with Vibramycin

Vibramycin (Doxycycline) is an oral antibiotic that is commonly prescribed to treat several types of bacterial infections affecting various organs and systems. This drug is often used to treat both minor and major infections, ranging from insignificant skin infections to deadly anthrax or rocky mountain spotted fever. Due to the variety of potential uses, several distinct formulations of Vibramycin are also available.

In general, Vibramycin (Doxycycline) adheres to the following concepts:

  • The active component in Vibramycin is doxycycline, an artificially produced medical substance synthesized from tetracycline, a naturally occurring antibiotic. Just as its "parent" antibiotic, doxycycline works preventing the bacteria from making vital proteins that are needed for the bacteria to grow and multiply, effectively destroying the bacteria over time.
  • Vibramycin will have no effect on infections caused by a virus or fungus, meaning that it will not treat the symptoms of a cold or flu, even if they resemble the reactions caused by certain bacteria infections of the respiratory tract.
  • It should be noted that Vibramycin is only effective against certain types of bacteria, so in some cases you may need to use a different drug to alleviate your symptoms. If you usually buy Vibramycin online, note that the only way to know for sure is to visit a doctor and perform several simple tests that will reveal if this antibiotic should be applied or not.
  • Vibramycin should not be used by children, since this drug was not studied extensively enough to guarantee its effectiveness in this age group.

Conditions Treatable with Vibramycin

Vibramycin can be used to treat a wide variety of infections, including several highly dangerous conditions:

  • Respiratory tract infections including pneumonia,
  • Various STDs (sexually transmitted diseases),
  • Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, typhus,
  • Cholera, plague, Lyme disease, anthrax,
  • Rocky mountain spotted fever,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Severe acne.

This list does not contain all of the conditions that can be treated with Vibramycin; several off-label uses for this drug exist as well. Remember that some of these conditions can be caused by different types of bacteria and even different types of infection (i.e. a parasite or virus), making it necessary to diagnose the condition properly before using the drug, especially if you plan to buy Vibramycin online.

Common Dosage for Vibramycin

Each particular condition indicated as treatable with Vibramycin has its own set of dosage regulations, which can be further adjusted based on its severity and the condition of the patient. People who buy doxycycline online may still need to visit their doctor for proper consult on the dosage for this drug.

There are several basic dosing standards available for this drug, including:

  • When treating infections in adults, Vibramycin is commonly taken once or twice a day, with a total daily dose of 200mg on the first day (100mg in the morning and 100mg in the evening), followed by 100mg per day for the remaining course of treatment. The therapy usually lasts for 1 to 2 weeks, and may be repeated if deemed necessary. Since doxycycline is not designed to be used in children, there are no dosage standards available for this age category.

Vibramycin Basic Instructions

As you begin the treatment with Vibramycin, you will probably already have read the instructions provided for this drug, or had your doctor explain all of the details of upcoming treatment. If you haven't, you may refer to the instructions leaflet provided within the product package for all of the necessary information (available regardless of whether you purchase this drug locally or buy Vibramycin online).

Provided below are several excerpts that may help you receive better results from the treatment with Vibramycin:

  • You may take Vibramycin with or without food, with plenty of water both when you take the pills and during the rest of the treatment. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of side effects of this drug.
  • You should always take Vibramycin at the same time each day - this will ensure that the drug is absorbed at even rates throughout the whole course of treatment, leading to steady and side-effect free recovery. Vibramycin can be taken at any time of day if you only need to take it once per day, but try to keep taking it at the same time the following day as well.
  • Remember that your symptoms may significantly improve way before you have completed the treatment in full. In this case, you should continue taking your daily pills even if you feel cured at this point. The infection may have been subdued, but in order to ensure that it will not resurface you will need to take the rest of the pills as prescribed.
  • Try to never miss any doses of this drug, and be sure to receive detailed instructions on how to act if you happen to miss a dose. Whether you buy Vibramycin online or procure it from a local store, you can inquire this information from the resident pharmacist.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Vibramycin

The following list contains several essential precautions regarding the use of Vibramycin.

Be sure to examine it, and view any other safety information available for this drug:

  • If you are taking any medications or supplements containing zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, or aluminum, you will need to take them and Vibramycin at least 2 hours apart to ensure that no drug interactions occurs in the process. Several common food products such as milk or yoghurt should be included in this list of precautions.
  • Several medications may interfere with Vibramycin. If you are currently using multiple medications to maintain your condition, and decide to buy doxycycline online, know that you may need to contact your doctor to make sure that no drug interaction will occur when using these drugs alongside each other.
  • Vibramycin may make your birth control pills less effective, which may lead to unwanted pregnancy. In order to ensure protection, you may need to use backup contraception for the period of treatment.
  • In rare cases Vibramycin may become the cause of an especially severe condition produced by extensive growth of Clostridium difficile bacteria in the digestive tract. These bacteria are immune to Vibramycin, and are known to cause highly unpleasant and potentially dangerous watery or bloody diarrhea. If you suspect that your symptoms may caused by this condition, be sure to contact your healthcare provider immediately, or seek emergency medical attention.
  • Vibramycin may make you more sensitive to the sun and artificial sunlight (e.g. UV lamps, tanning booths). It is advised to wear protective clothing when outside and/or use a sunscreen, especially in sunny climate.
  • Antibiotics such as Vibramycin may increase the blood pressure in the skull, leading to such adverse effects as headaches, nausea, and blurred vision. While these effects usually subside when you stop using the antibiotic, you should still be cautious if they seem to progress in severity, and contact your doctor if they persist even after Vibramycin is discontinued.

Vibramycin Safety Information

Before using Vibramycin, you will need to inform your doctor of any medical problems you may be having apart from the apparent infection, taking special note if you have any of the following:

  • Liver or kidney disease,
  • Asthma, COPD, bronchitis,
  • Swallowing problems, esophageal disorder.
  • Allergies to sulfites (a type of food preservative).